Guest Post! Fairy Tale’s & Folk Culture

It’s always fun to have people contact you about guest posts, and recently I had a friend and someone who appreciates literature as much as me ask to contribute to my page. He is someone who’s interests transcend simply famous literature, but also includes keen interpretations of pop culture,┬ámedia, and music. He is a fascinating guy and I believe his views will be greatly appreciated her at kim-loan. He did ask me to reference his contact information and current business which can be found here. He is an inquisitive soul and someone that brings me great joy. If you find his post interesting than I encourage you to contact him. I’m sure this will not be the last you hear of him, an there will be more opportunities to enjoy his work in the future.

With no further ado…

Class Struggle in the Fairy Tale: The Preservation of Folk Culture in an Emerging Literary Form. (Guest post by: Travis Shue) Continue reading “Guest Post! Fairy Tale’s & Folk Culture”