Walt Disney-A Worldwide Legend

disney-2692578_640Walt Disney is perhaps one of the greatest men in American history.  He created a brand and turned it into an Empire. But not just any empire, he turned it into DisneyLand, “The Happiest Place On Earth”! It’s safe to say that basically everyone knows of DisneyLand, the Disney brand and have grown up watching many of the Disney fairytales.  What a lot of people don’t know is the life and the beginning of this great man, Walt Elias Disney. Let us share his story with you!


Walt Elias Disney was born on December 5, 1905 in Chicago, Illinois.  He was raised on a farm along with his 4 brothers & sisters. He found a love for drawing early on and began selling his sketches to his neighbors at the young age of 7!  In high school he took an interest in Photography and began taking night classes at the Academy Of Fine Arts. He tried to join the military at the age of 16 but was rejected for being too young.  Instead he joined the Red Cross and was sent overseas. There he drove an ambulance. Instead of being done in camouflage his ambulance was completely covered in sketches and cartoons!

disney-1149179_640In 1920 he returned to the states living in Kansas City. There he began his career as an Advertising Cartoonist.  In 1923 he decided to take a leap and move to California to live with his brother Roy O. Disney. With little belongings and only change in his pocket he made the move.  Once there he and his brother borrowed $500 and started their own production company. In 1928 Mickey Mouse was created. With his endless passion for animation and drawing he continued to experiment with his creations.  When technicolor came out he created a film called Flowers and Trees that would become part of his “Silly Symphonies” collection. For this film he won his first Academy Award. From there there was no stopping Disney, he went on to mix real life film with animation when he created the masterpiece Mary Poppins in 1945. From there he continued to stun Hollywood through his entire 43 year career. Probably most so when he opened DisneyLand in 1955. DisneyLand is to this day the most celebrated amusement park on earth and his a National Landmark, and a coveted vacation spot for many.  

Walt Disney wasn’t only known for his incredible animation and film production.  He also was an advocate to the people. He wanted to improve urban life in America.  With this new found focus he set about creating EPCOT in the heart of Florida. Although he died in 1966 long before EPCOT’s opening in 1981 he left behind a legacy and an amazing park for all of the world to enjoy.  Walt Disney’s name alone evokes happiness, imagination and tradition to all that hear it. He was a great man way ahead of his time and his visions and masterpieces will forever ;live on in the hearts of all of us throughout the world.  

King Arthur In Music Continued…

For those of you following my previous post, here are my final words.

The lyrics to the song are definitely part of what made it such a huge success. While the song starts with the chorus, the second verse is what gives the song its first hint that it is about the Arthurian tale. The verse states, “And I’ll be wearing white when I come into your kingdom. I’m as green as the ring on my little cold finger. I’ve never known the loving of a man, but it sure felt nice when he was holding my hand.” In the Malory story with Lancelot and the second Elaine, she floats into Camelot, which would be the kingdom in the song. The next lyric can be interpreted as jealousy, sometimes using green as a synonym, which could have led her to the downfall. In the legend, Elaine was jealous of Guinevere because of Lancelot’s affection for her and so when he left she was so hurt she stopped functioning which led to her death. The next half of the verse where it states she’s never known the loving of a man directly relates to the story as well, because Elaine thought she and Lancelot were meant for each other and would live happily ever after, especially after she had his child. While he was there with her, she was very happy and overjoyed because it seemed like her fantasies had a chance at becoming a reality. When he left, everything crashed down and she realized, as the song said, she had never known the loving of a man. It was all just a big tease in a way. Continue reading “King Arthur In Music Continued…”


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