My Story:

Hi, my name is Kim Loan, and I have a fascination with reading, in fact check out some of my favorite novels. More than reading I love interpreting the meaning and dynamics behind characters and storylines. It’s one thing to read a book, but a whole different thing to analyze and interpret the multiple dimensions behind the text. For many this may not be of interest, but for those avid readers like myself that become consumed in the storylines and captivated by the characters it is the whole point. My writing will not be of much interests to many, but for those whole follow literature as I do, I think you will be glad to read the interpretations of another reader. English and literature classes were always my favorite, and there has not been an another outlet since College for me to really dissect and talk about literature in this way. Hopefully my writing resonates with some of you and inspires you to think differently about classic stories and novels.